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I am a Computer Science PhD candidate at the University of Southern California (USC). My research interests are in safe human-robot interactions, robot learning from demonstrations and verification of autonomous cyber-physical systems.

I was a research intern during Summer 2022 at SRI International’s Center for Vision Technologies (CVT), working on lifelong learning. Prior to joining the PhD program, I was a Researcher in the Intelligent Connected Systems (ICS) Division at Toyota North America - InfoTech Labs (formerly, Toyota InfoTechnology Center) where I worked on data-driven formal specification for connected vehicle applications using edge computing.

I graduated with a masters in Computer Science (Intelligent Robotics specialization) from USC in 2018 and received my bachelors from B.M.S College of Engineering, India in 2016.

Visit this page for more information about my research and academic activities, or view my resume here.


I am also an electronic music producer under the alias Andy-Ruddh. My music consists of raw and hypnotic techno inspired by my favorite artists: The Chemical Brothers, deadmau5, Monstergetdown, Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, and artists from Underground Resistance, Tresor Berlin, Pole Group, etc.

You can find my discography here.


  • USC (Academic only): puranic[at]usc[dot]edu

  • Personal: andyruddh[at]gmail[dot]com